Student guidance

Student guidance

Coaching and advice
Build your own future! In our Bachelor program there is a lot of freedom to choose your own courses depending on your interests and ambitions. This freedom of choice comes with some responsibility: you have to make a good planning of your study program, and make sure that it complies with the requirements. We expect you to be motivated and committed to reach your own goals.

This means that we expect you to be present at lectures and tutor sessions, and besides, that you will work on your courses in self-study or with your fellow students in case of groupwork. When something is unclear, you are supposed to search for the information in sources that we provide you (such as this Education Guide) and your fellow students. If you cannot find the answer or if you have a specific question, we offer the following help:

During the Bachelor, you will have two coaches:

  • Student mentor (year 1): he/she will help you start at the TU/e with practical issues such as the registration of courses, and give tips on planning etc. Normally, there are mentoring sessions once every two weeks, especially in the first semester of year 1.
  • Teacher coach (year 1-3): he/she will contact you regularly to discuss elective choices, BAU-specializations and career orientation. You will have a coach for year 1, and a coach for year 2 and 3. You can always contact your teacher coach yourself. To find out the name of your teacher coach, as well as their e-mail adress, you can log in to, go to the 'Supervision' tab, and look for the 'Teacher Coach' role.

In case you have questions regarding the curriculum, your grades or personal study progress, please schedule an appointment with the Education & Student Affairs Office of the Department of the Built Envrionment. Please book an appointment here. The appointments take place at Vertigo 2.12. On Tuesdays the appointments will be online, via MS Teams. 

If you would like to talk to someone in case of personal circumstances or issues with your study progress or planning, make an appointment with one of the study advisors of the Bachelor program, click here.*

*Meetings are offered online or in person.

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