Approval choice of electives

Approval of exam program

Before you can receive your diploma, the Examination Committee AP (EC AP) must assess whether your choice of electives in your exam program meets the conditions as stated in the Program and Examination Regulations. The EC AP has mandated this task to the Study Program Committee Applied Physics (SPC AP). To this end, you must use the PlanApp to submit your choice of electives for assessment once you have compiled your exam program and earned 90 credits. If you are not sure whether your exam program will meet the requirements, you may always contact your academic advisor to discuss your electives. 

After your choice of electives has been approved by the SPC AP, your exam program will be “frozen” in OSIRIS. You will still be able to change the planning of your courses, but you will no longer be able to change the composition of the exam program. If you decide to reconsider the choices you have previously made, you must re-submit your choice of electives via the PlanApp (via Options - Re-submit).

Please note that if you have already submitted a diploma request you can no longer change your electives yourself via the PlanApp. In this case you must contact the SPC AP via Als note that students of cohort 2017 and older should submit their choices via the Change in Study Program Form which can be found on this website.

IMPORTANT: The approval or disapproval of your choice of electives occurs separately from registering for and taking electives.

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