Coaching and mentoring

As a first-year student you will be assigned a student mentor by the Department. The student mentor helps you with the practical matters that you have to deal with related to your studies. For example, where you can buy books, what is the best way to study, and how to find your way in student life. The student mentor also helps you in making choices concerning your elective courses, starting with the electives in Q2 and Q4 in your first year.

At all times a student can schedule an appointment with one of the teacher coaches, but this is not an obligation. A teacher coach can help students make decisions about their electives and packages. Subjects and coherent selection packages are tailored to the student's personal interests. The teacher coach helps students to think about the prospects of certain subjects and to keep the curriculum coherent. The final responsibility for these decisions lies with the student, the coach is there to help them.

In the second year, coaching will mainly focus on career orientation, for example through a meeting with alumni and a peer coaching session with other students. This form of coaching will support students in clarifying their ambitions and interests and allows you to give direction to your future career.

In year 3, coaching is aimed at orienting towards the master's degree, amongst others by means of several information sessions on TU/e Central and departmental level.

Team Teacher Coaches AP J. (Jan) van Dijk
dr. W.G. (Wouter) Ellenbroek R. (Reinoud) Lavrijsen S. (Sander) Nijdam H.J.M. (Henk) Swagten
dr. P. (Peter) Zijlstra

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