Examination Committee AP

The Examination committee is the authority to safeguard the standard of the degree program, including matters such as the appointment of examiners, testing and fraud, and all other aspects that are necessary to ensure that students who are awarded a degree have attained the outcomes for the relevant programs. All regulations can be found in the TU/e Examination Regulations of the Applied Physics department.

One of the tasks of the Examination committee is the approval of elective programs, granting exemptions and the approval of study programs. For this purpose, the Study Program Committee (SPC) has been mandated.

Requests or objections for the Examination Committee AP or Study Program Committee AP can be sent via emaill. IMPORTANT UPDATE: From July 2021 onwards, the Examination Committee AP and Study Program Committee AP will work with a digital form for handling student requests instead of via email. Requests submitted after July 1st, 2021 in any other way will not be accepted. 

This link will take you to the portal of the examination committees (in alfabetic order). 
- Click on the button EC Applied Physics (BTN, MAP) to be able to submit a request form for a request to the Examination Committee.
- Click on the button Studie Programma Commissie Applied Physics to be able to submit a request form to submit a study program.

Double diploma programs:
If you want to submit a request for an internal double diploma please follow the procedure as described on this page. Do not submit requests request for an internal double diploma via SharePoint.

Students may make an appeal to a decision of the Examination Committee. Their appeal should be addressed to the  College of Appeals for Examinations (CBE) of the Eindhoven University of Technology within six weeks after the decision is made.

Composition Examination Committee AP

Chair prof.dr. R. Coehoorn
Members prof.dr. C. Storm (vice-chair)
  dr.ir. J. Beckers
  prof.dr. M. Creatore
  dr.ir. A.M. de Jong
  dr.ir. R. Lavrijsen
  dr. W.G. Ellenbroek
External member dr.ing. A.J. Wijs
Advisors prof.dr.ir. H.J.M. Swagten
  I.M. Kroon
  dr.ir. S.A.H. de Vries
  drs. D.M. van Dongen
  dr. E.C.M. van Rooij
Secretary M.C.H. Bakermans-Piekartz

Contact: apse.examination.committee.ap@tue.nl 

Composition Study Program Committee AP

Chair dr. A.M. Duif
Member dr. L.J. IJzendoorn
  dr.ir. S. Nijdam
  dr. S.X. Tao
Advisor dr.ir. S.A.H. de Vries
  I.M. Kroon
Secretary M.C.H. Bakermans-Piekartz

Contact: apse.spc.ap@tue.nl 

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