Double Diploma

Are you looking for an additional challenge to your current program? Or are you interested in another department at the TU/e? Perhaps a double diploma is an option for you.

The double diploma program is an option in both the bachelor and master programs. As you don’t need to complete the two full programs of both departments, it’s an attractive way to complete two diplomas.

Each TU/e department has set requirements and criteria for a double diploma program. The Double Degree requirements BA ID shows the rules for the Industrial Design department. You can find this on the Forms and Files page. Your application needs to be approved by the Examination Committees of both programs of the double diploma.

If you are considering a double diploma you should contact the academic advisors of both departments and look into the different sets of requirements of the programs. You should be clear about your learning goals and motivation before deciding on a double diploma. It might be that following a double diploma program in the Master is a better choice for you.

To make your double diploma official you need to submit a double degree to the Examination Committees of both programs. You can find the guidelines for submitting a request through on the Forms and Files page.

Contact details of the academic advisor at ID and the Examination Committee ID can be found on the Contact page.

General rules for submitting a request

A total study load of at least 225 credits and at most 270 credits is required to obtain two ‘bachelor degrees' with corresponding certificates. Requests for a double degree must be submitted to the relevant examination committees before the start of the third year of your TU/e enrolment.