Master track AI&ES

The track Artificial Intelligence Engineering Systems (AIES) can no longer be chosen as per academic year 2022-2023. This is due to the start of the new master’s program Artificial Intelligence & Engineering Systems per September 1, 2022. Students of cohort 2021 and earlier who already started the AIES track will be able to finish it. Students who successfully complete the AIES track before September 2025 will receive the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Systems certificate.

Below you can find a detailed description of the EE master track Artificial Intelligence Engineering Systems (AIES). The track involves the CS, ES and SPS research groups.

General program setup

1st year Core course 15
  Specialization electives 10
  Elective courses 25
  Free elective course 5
  Professional development 5
2nd year Internship 15
  Graduation project 45

Core courses

Students of the master track AIES must follow three core courses in the 1st year: 

Specialization electives

Students of the master track AIES choose two specialization electives:

Elective courses

Students of the master track AIES choose 25 EC of elective courses: 

  • 5ARA0 Programming for Artificial Engineering Systems in Q1 (this is a compulsory study component unless the student can prove sufficient programming skills: the student will then have to choose 10 EC of free elective courses instead); 
  • 1 study component in ‘Human aspects of AI’ (see table 7); 
  • 2 study components in ‘AI & engineering systems’ (see table 8); 
  • 5 EC of disciplinary deepening course(s) on request of graduation supervisor (see table 9). 

Free elective course

Students of the master track AIES can choose 5 EC of free electives courses. Suggestions for free elective courses can be found here

Professional development

Students of the master track AIES follow two professional development courses worth 5 EC in total. For more information on professional development please visit this webpage


Students of the master track AIES do an internship of 15 EC in the field of AIES. For more information on the internship please visit this webpage

Graduation project

Students of the master track AIES do a graduation project of 45 EC in the field of AIES. For more information on the graduation project please visit this webpage

AIES certificate

Students who meet the abovementioned criteria receive the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Systems certificate. 

Admission & entry requirements

Students with a BSc Electrical Engineering degree are directly admitted to the AIES master track. Students with a major Automotive technology are recommended to register for the 5ESC0 DSP Fundamentals (signals II) in Q1. 

Students with a BSc Applied Physics degree or a BSc Computer Science & Engineering degree will be admitted selectively to the AIES track with the requirement of following two homologation courses, namely 5ESD0 Control systems in Q1 and 5ESC0 DSP Fundamentals (signals II) in Q1.

Students who have completed the pre-Master’s program Electrical Engineering for HBO Bachelors must additionally complete course 5ESC0 DSP Fundamentals (signals II) in order to be admitted into the AIES track.