Absent during an exam or obligatory practicum - When you are not able to attend due to special circumstances, you need to report this within 24 hours to the Examination Committee EE.

Academic advisor - Academic advisor master EE.

Academic calendar – The academic calendar for the academic year can be found here.


Canvas - Canvas is the online learning environment. In Canvas you’ll find course information, practice tests, assignments, slides and more per course. You use Canvas during your education period and to prepare for exams. For any questions and comments, please contact the helpdesk by mailing ESA@tue.nl or calling +31 (0)40 247 4747

Center for Student Administration EE (CSA EE) - Opening hours from Monday till Friday from 13.00 till 14.00hrs, location Flux 0.124/0.125. Every first working day of each quarter, CSA EE will also be open from 08.30 till 09.30hrs. Outside opening hours you can email CSA.EE@tue.nl. Forms can be put in the postbox CSA near the reception desk of Flux. The Center for Student Administration Electrical Engineering (CSA EE) is open by appointment only. Appointments can be made up to 30 days in advance via this bookings page.

Complaints - When you have a complaint about courses, teachers, exam methods or exams, you can contact the StudentBody. In case of complaints about, for example a decision of the Examination Committee EE or an examiner, admission to the Master Program or a binding recommendation the continuation of studies (BSA), you can appeal to the Examination Appeals Board

Confidential advisor - TU/e currently has three confidential counselors who hold an independent position and enjoy the protection of the student.


Examination committee - The Examination Committee is, among other things, responsible for the quality of the exams and final examinations. If you have a request, compliant or comment, please send an email to the Examination Committee EE.


Honors program - In the TU/e Honors Academy various Honors Tracks have been launched, addressing major societal and scientific questions and challenges


IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. is an international organization by and for academic engineers in the field of electrical engineering. Worldwide, there are more than 330.000 members. IEEE SBE is the student branch at TU/e. It is the most active branch of IEEE in Europe. Every year, they organize a wide range of activities. With this, the Student Branch Eindhoven prepares students socially, culturally and professionally for their future. More information on IEEE SBE, its activities and memberships can be found on the IEEE student branch website

Innovation Space - TU/e Innovation Space hosts exciting interdisciplinary TU/e courses and projects that (can) have a societal impact. These courses help companies and researchers to solve real-world challenges and allow you to unleash your talents to build innovative solutions. Besides this, TU/e Innovation Space also offers a unique chance for students to join the Innovation Space BEP (ISBEP), where students work with students from other departments and on real world challenges. If you want to learn in an innovative way, take up a challenge and realize a prototype, follow one of the courses or projects in TU/e innovation Space and become part of a vibrant community.  

Illness during an exam - When you are not able to attend an exam due to illness, you need to report this within 24 hours to the Examination Committee EE.


My Timetable - My Timetable generates your personal schedule, which can be used by students and lecturers. It’s possible to synchronize with all regular agenda-applications, so you can use your own preferred system to view your schedule. The schedule in My Timetable is adjustable to your own needs, and schedules of individual courses can be viewed. The tutorial can be found here. Contact the ESA Helpdesk for questions.


OSIRIS - Go to TU/e Sharepoint to log into OSIRIS, the student information system that records all student data, from enrollment right through to graduation. Lecturers use OSIRIS to enter grades and check their groups and course information. Students use OSIRIS to view their grades, register for courses and examinations, and to keep track of their progress. For questions about OSIRIS please contact the ESA helpdesk at +31 (0)40 247 4747 or per email. You can also contact the CSA EE in Flux 0.124/0.125 during opening hours.

OSIRIS course catalogue – In the OSIRIS course catalogue you can browse through all the courses that are on offer at the TU/e and for each course a detailed description can be found including contents, learning goals, assessment methods, instructional methods, material, pre-knowledge, etc.


Platform – Make sure to keep up to date with important messages, updates and information about the EE education via the Canvas student communication platform, the communication channel for students of the Department of EE.

Program committee - A Program committee is an advisory and consultative body at degree program level, instituted by law. The Program committee of Electrical Engineering covers the bachelor and master programs. The Program committee consists of an equal representation of both lecturers and students.


Quality assurance - Providing high quality education is of utmost importance to the department of Electrical Engineering. Therefore it has set up a quality assurance program and a quality assurance officer. You can read all about this here.   


Registering for a course - To participate in courses and examinations you need to be registered for the course. New first-year students are automatically registered for the courses in the first quarter, but you must do this yourself starting from the second quarter. This is possible up to 20 working days before the start of the new quarter. If you are not registered for the course, you will not be able to take it (or the examinations associated with it). The deadlines for enrollment can be found here.  

Registering for exams after the registration period has passed - Students who fail to register for an exam within the period specified shall not be allowed to participate in the exam, unless the students have paid administration costs totalling € 20 per study component no later than five working days before the examination period. After payment of the administration costs the students are immediately registered.


Safety - To inform students about issues related to health, safety and the environment on the TU/e campus, a number of short safety videos are made available on this page. All members of the TU/e community are expected to be familiar with the content of the information provided here and to follow the rules discussed.

Student statute - As a student you have rights and obligations. You can read about this here.  

Student body - The Student Body (SB) is the center of education participation at the department of Electrical Engineering. SB is run by three students of the department. Any student who has suggestions, complaints, or questions about the education can contact the SB. 

Student teams - TU/e is a breeding ground for young engineers who address societal challenges by carrying out projects. Projects in which education, innovation and entrepreneurship are combined with surprising outcomes. TU/e counts several student teams which address challenges in the fields of energy, health and smart mobility.  


Thor - The study association Thor focusses on the enrichment of the study, career and leisure of the students of Electrical Engineering and Automotive Technology at TU/e. In order to achieve this goal, many activities and drinks are organized for and by students. Thor has many committees you can join and even has its own pub on the 6th floor of Flux, FLUX 6.152, that is open every weekday.  

TU/e Sharepoint - TU/e Sharepoint provides an easy-to-use, personalized and effective system for you to manage everything you need to make a success of your learning and working at TU/e. This Sharepoint page provides you with everything you need in one place and with notifications to keep you updated. TU/e Sharepoint will be your go-to for your learning, education and working experience.