Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order the TU/e Notebook?

You will receive an invitation to confirm your request for enrollment. In this form you can order your notebook.

Is there a deadline for ordering the notebook?

If you order your notebook in the form before august 1st, we guarantee that you receive your notebook in time for the start your studies.

Can I use my own notebook for my studies?

Yes, please make sure it meets the requirements

Where can I get support?

If your notebook have a hard- or software issue, please contact LIS Services/Student, if you have questions about payment, please contact ESA using this form

What Notebook do I get?

For 2023 we selected the HP ZBook Power G9.

How much does it cost?

The total package, including accessories, guarantees, services, and an insurance, costs €1.620,-. You’ll pay € 1000,- yourself, and for the remaining amount of €620, you’ll have to sign a debt waiver. If you study at TU/e for more than 3 years, or your graduate earlier, than the debt will become a gift.

Who can order a notebook from the Notebook reduction Program?

All TUE students can order a maximum of one notebook through this Program each year, using their TUE mail address; as long as stock lasts.

When do I get my refund?

Payments are usually made in the month following your de-registration.