The pre-master’s program for students with a Bachelor’s degree from a Higher Vocational Education (HBO) Applied Physics consists of 25 credits and includes the following study components:

2DBN10 Advanced calculus
3BMX0 Elements of mathematical physics
5EZA0 Math 1
3BQX0 Introduction to quantum physics
3BTX0 Thermal physics

Disclaimer: The contents of the program will change per 2024-2025, an update will follow. 

Individual pre-Master's program

For students in posession of another Bachelor's degree from a Higher Vocational Education or a Bachelor's degree from a university, an individual pre-Master's program may be compossed. 

Expending the program

If students cannot complete the pre-Master’s program within six months of the start of the program and and have obtained a minimum of 15 credits at that time, the students may submit a request to expand the program with a maximum of 15 credits worth of Master’s study components. The credits obtained for Master’s study components during the pre-Master’s program may, at the request of the students, be recorded, retaining the grade and date of examination, on the students’ Master’s transcript.

Master Program Applied Physics

When you decide to follow the master program Applied Physics after successfully completing the pre-master program Applied Physics additional requirements for the Master degree program Applied Physics are set. A more detailed specification of the requirements are described in the Program and Examination Regulations